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Surveyor – Party Chief/Office Tech
Lead Civil Engineer

Engineering Studies

Our background and experience enable us to collaborate with the clients to develop workable, sustainable solutions to their engineering needs. Our depth of experience includes coastal construction practices, the nuances of climate conditions, soils, plant and animal habitat, flooding, wetlands, aquifer recharge, and intricate geographic knowledge of the area.

Residential Lot Surveys

Berglund, Schmidt & Associates has extensive experience and records dating back to 1910 that allow our land surveyors to provide the clients with the most accurate and cost effective solutions to their projects, large or small.

Environment Assesment

At Berglund, Schmidt & Associates our goal it to provide required investigation to cover all aspects of Environmental Due Diligence, and assist in ascertaining the risks, proper management, and mitigation/remediation to prevent expensive future environmental liabilities.

Capable. Competent. Local.

Our desire for excellence and providing outstanding customer value reinforces our commitment to serve our community with the same professionalism and integrity as we have since 1956. We value the strategic alliances that we have developed over the years and appreciate the efficiencies that we enjoy as a result of those alliances. We strive now to use these alliances and the knowledge collectively gained to improve our overall living environment for both current and future generations to enjoy.

Engineering and Survey for Southwest Washington Since 1956

Since 1956, Berglund, Schmidt & Associates has been providing civil engineering and land surveying services to Grays Harbor, Pacific, Mason and Thurston Counties in southwest Washington.

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